Self Hypnosis Two Step Method

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By John Plester

Here is an example of a script you could use when teaching a client to use the Self-Hypnosis Two Step Method:

Step 1

“When you go to bed, starting with tonight, and continuing for the next 21 days, just before you are ready to fall asleep, you can give yourself the following suggestion 10 times.”

“Every day, in every respect, I get better and better”
[This suggestion could be; “I am a non smoker, completely and for good” or “I am becoming the slimmer person I desire and deserve to be”, etc.]

In order that you stay awake and not lose count, every time you say the suggestion, press down with each finger of your right hand. Then continue with each finger of your left hand until you have completed the suggestion ten times.

This may be your first attempt at learning how to effectively re-programme your mind through suggestion. It is of the utmost importance that you do this every night without falling asleep until you have completed the 10 repetitions.

Very soon now and I don’t know when, you will find yourself reacting very positively to the suggestion.”

Ask the client to practise this suggestion with you so that you know they understand what they need to do.

Step 2

After your client has learned the basic method of self hypnosis and has been using the suggestions, teach them the next step.

Here is an example of a script you could use when teaching a client to use the second stage of Self- Hypnosis:

“Now that you have been learning how to re-programme your mind and are getting your unconscious mind to learn new ways of ____________ you can now begin to learn even more by doing the following...

Twice a day, once in the morning or at noon, and once in the early evening, you can hypnotise yourself, and stay in hypnosis for 2 to 3 minutes, and then come back to awareness.

Sit in a comfortable chair with your back supported. Make sure you will not be disturbed for 3 minutes.

Focus your attention, effortlessly, and on a spot opposite you, slightly above eye level.

Take three deep breaths slowly, and as you inhale your third breath hold it for three full seconds as you count backwards 3 2 1...

Close your eyes and exhale, and RELAX, and allow yourself to go into a deep sound hypnotic rest...

Remain in hypnosis for 2 to 3 minutes by counting down slowly from twenty five (25) to one (1). You may find it easy to imagine that each number is being written on a blackboard or even on a computer as you count backward...

To become aware again count from one to three and you can awaken feeling refreshed and alert, ready to continue with what you need to do...

Do this exercise for 21 days.

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