Here at the East Anglian Institute of Hypnotherapy we support you every step of the way through your course. We are approachable and friendly, providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to become an effective and successful Hypnotherapist. Although there are written assignments which we expect to be completed to pass the course, we don’t expect you to be highly academic. We will always encourage you and provide appropriate help for you to achieve the Diploma.

Our Diploma is accredited by The General Hypnotherapy Council in the UK and there are certain standards to be met. We have found that academic ability is not an indicator of a great therapist, the most important attribute is your ability to relate to others and be willing to look within yourself for your own growth and self-development.

We also expect and encourage our students to respect and support each other and get to know and learn from each other too.

We will provide a safe, comfortable learning environment for you with good quality amenities and refreshments available.

What Do The Students Say About The Course?

“I have had a brilliant experience training to become a hypnotherapist, it has made me become more reflective and given me confidence to move forward into my new career. Thank you Mike and John!” E.G, Student

“This course has both fascinated and inspired me. The content has been relevant and the techniques are effective and enjoyable to learn. I look forward to what the future may hold for me regarding my career in hypnotherapy” L.E, Student

“I undertook this course because of a desire to become a hypnotherapist and thought this would give me a basic training. However, I have learn’t so many more skills which I can add to my toolbox. Now the course is completed I feel confident at starting my new career as a hypnotherapist. The support has been fantastic – practically and academically. There has been a real sense of confidentiality and companionship within the group as a whole which has enabled me to increase my learning. I really cannot fault John and Mike. Thank you.” L.G Student

“Having attended a previous hypnotherapy course from another local provider, I can say without reservation that is the course, it’s tutors and my fellow students have greatly assisted me in becoming both a better therapist and person. Thank you.” B.B, Hypnotherapist

“I recommend this course not just for people wanting to become hypnotherapists but for all people that want positive change in their life.” I.R, Student

“I have absolutely loved the course and learnt so much. It has completely exceeded my expectations. Mike and John are fantastic trainers.” L.O, Student

“The course exceeded all my expectations. The trainers are professional and approachable and created an environment which allowed us to flourish and grow both as individuals and therapists. Thank you.” E.W, Student

“This has been one of the most challenging courses I have ever undertaken but also THE most rewarding! Apart from all the skills, I have learnt so much about myself. I barely recognise the person I was at the start of the course. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone” B.P, Student

“The course gave me the confidence to begin as a practising hypnotherapist and make a difference to peoples lives.” K.B, Student

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained many skills, confidence and a much greater understanding of myself as well as hypnotherapy, NLP and TFT. The tutors were great and I have made friends forever in the group” M.P, Student

“Hypnotherapy was a total enigma for me, I understand it now. That was my goal and I achieved it. This course was fantastic. I have challenged myself and the rewards were better than expected.” C.H, Student

“This training is invaluable to anyone who wishes to grow and develop regardless of future plans to go into therapeutic practice. It has given me a future!” S.C, Student

“Complete and thorough training into the aspects of therapy and hypnosis. Testing and enjoyable!” A.G, Student